Sam-e Ginseng

Sam-e Ginseng:
There is a plant that has gone through a round of controversy over the ages, and its name is SAM-e. Presently, there is much confusion about where SAM-e gets its powerful properties from. It is not made in the laboratory as most supplements are, but grows wild inordonia gabonensis. After much controversy over the years, the plant has settled into a distinctively shaped, thick root system that can deliver mature roots to the ocean. It is also a very powerful perennial growth, and has some impressive regeneration abilities.

In the wild, SAM-e has a large number of supporters, not the least of which is likely the United States Department of Agriculture, which has listed this chemical as both a first class and second class stress reliever.

At the scientific level, SAM-e’s biggest claim to fame is its ability to help neurotransmitters bind to cellular receptors. At the same time, it helps to inhibit inflammatory actions on the body, which makes it very useful in muscle repair after a rigorous workout, especially for lifters. It has also been shown to be useful for weight control, for individuals who have problems controlling their appetites.

At the if you are a Sam-e blocker, you should know thatSAM-e can only pass through the intestinal wall unabsorbed, and then it can be absorbed by the body and live long enough to be used as a anti-depressant, without having to undergo market place drug tests.

I get my SAM-e from a totally natural, certified B vitamin, which I supplement with great success. However, I have found that the concentration of SAM-e in the supplements available on the market today are significantly less than 50%. In other words, if you see a product that contains 300 mg of SAM-e, but only 50% of the tablet is composed of SAM-e, then that SAM-e is no longer biologically active.

This has always been a problem with over-the-counter supplements. Most of the B vitamins you can buy at the supermarket or pharmacy are synthetic, or contain only a trace of the active nutrient. These supplements have to be protected from stomach acid or they will be broken down into a useless substance.

How To Choose A SAM-e Supplement

You should always purchase a SAM-e supplement that is manufactured from the same nutrient source from which it was extracted. This is critical, because SAM-e activity has a protective effect on the mitochondria of the cell. These tiny, discovering the SAM-e molecule is the only thing that stops the enzyme superoxide from damaging the cell’s DNA and, in so doing, gouge the mitochondria from its electrons.

By protecting the SAM-e molecule from such damage, you are ensuring that the molecule will not be useful in creating new cellular enzymes. This preserves the SAM-e in a usable form for later use by your body.

By giving the SAM-e molecule a way to get into the mitochondria of the cell, you are providing it with the only “term” solution to achieving its antioxidant function. Since, if there is no free radicals to consume and neutralize, then the antioxidant reaction will never occur. No new electrons are made with this SAM-e molecule. Since, only the SAM-e molecule will provide the antioxidant function, this ensures that the body will continue to reap the benefits of SAM-e.

The best way to ensure that you are getting an authentic SAM-e supplement is to purchase those that are standardized to 98% SAM-e. The “term” amount of the compound will be listed on the label, next to the vitamin or mineral name. From this, you can determine that the product will be of the highest level of quality.

Have you ever heard of SAM-e suppliers “steeping” the compound for removal of heavy metals and copper? Hydrolysis is the process where the fat and water content of a food is separated from the active compounds. The resultant product is the ethyl ester free extract of the protein – basically a purified triglyceride. The removal of contaminants is done in a vacuum and low temperature environment to prevent damage to the active compounds due to the high heat and pressure these contaminants are subjected to.

Why Buy ASAM-e Supplement

With all of the information you have read here, you should now have a better understanding of the benefits of SAM-e. Hopefully, this article has given you the information you need to make an informed choice about whether you want to buy a SAM-e supplement or a liquid supplement. Sam-e Ginseng

To your good health!